Watch, Read, Listen, Learn
Do have a complex piezoelectric problem?
Or a simple question, and you need help getting started in the right direction?
We have several years of experience in the area of piezoelectric devices
We have helped researchers from both academia and industry better understand their piezoelectric applications
Free Consulting
     o Unlimited consulting for free
     o Work performed according to availiablity and interest of project to general audience
     o Discussions will be posted anonomosly videos by ommitting project specific details
     o Again, integrity of your research project or product will not be comprimised. Only general details will be discussed in tutorial videos

Paid Consulting
     o Content will not be released in any form
     o Paid consulting projects will be given priority and work will be performed according to agreed deadlines
     o Arrangement from a single consulting session to extended projects can be accomdated

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